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Black Romance Podcast

Oct 20, 2020

Margo Hendricks who writes romance novels as Elysabeth Grace joins me to close out Season one of the Black Romance Podcast. We discuss her contemporary and paranormal romance novels as well as our forthcoming editorial collaboration on a special issue of the Journal of Popular Romance Studies, which will focus on Black Romance. This issue will include all of the transcripts from my interviews on Season one of the podcast along with essays from several well-known romance writers and scholars.

Margo Hendricks is University of California emerita professor of English literature. As Margo Hendricks, she is the co-editor of Women, 'Race,' and Writing in the Early Modern Period, with Patricia Parker, and the author of many journal articles. Her current works in progress are an academic memoir and Heliodorus’ Daughters: Black Women and the Romance Industry.

Writing as Elysabeth Grace she has a contemporary novel titled Your Heart Only and a four-book paranormal series titled Daughters of Saria, which includes the books:

Fate’s Match

Fate’s Kiss

Fate’s Consort

And the forthcoming Lilith’s Heart.